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Hooked On A Feeling - Blue Swede


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Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)

Concept artwork for the game. Pictured:

Jungle, Beach, Ruins, Cliff, Factory, Volcano.

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maybe transparent? magolor soul with palette 16

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I still have one more print to finish up, so it’s gonna be a late night, but here’s a print I finished earlier this afternoon!  

Another in my Anime North lineup this year!

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Anonymous asked

12: Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?

Every once in a while I can catch myself reaching for Ctrl-Z when I use traditional media!

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Artist asks GO!

  1. 1: Take a picture of your workspace.
  2. 2: Show your pencilcase and what's inside.
  3. 3: Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a "doodle" it is.
  4. 4: Lineart or coloring?
  5. 5: Who/what inspires you?
  6. 6: Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.
  7. 7: Do you have any OCs?
  8. 8: Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?
  9. 9: Favorite thing to draw?
  10. 10: Least favorite thing to draw?
  11. 11: Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.
  12. 12: Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?
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looking at the feedback on my last paper mario fanart i discovered that a lot of people seem to really hate mimi

the clear message here is “DRAW HER AGAIN”