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Tanooki Megaman is too cute.

Send help.

Super Fighting Raccoon


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Carl Fredricksen timeline concept from Up!

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This year I am in Digital Painting II and I am so lucky to have a teacher very open to us having freedom with our pieces. Our first assignment was a portrait that contained a sci-fi or fantasy aspect. I decided to do some Metroid fanart, because it is one of my favorite videogame series.

I spent hours upon hours fleshing out the concept and getting this entire thing rendered and I took a lot of process shots along the way. It was a long process, but I feel it all worked out in the end and I am very proud of how it turned out, especially considering I have never done anything like this before. =u=

If you’re not following my art blog you totally should because I post cool things like this.

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In 3D modeling we were assigned to make a plant… so I made Petey Piranha. He turned out really nice and I’m so happy. Three weeks ago I couldn’t even make a crate in this program!

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Link looks SO CONFUSED and slightly offended

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Comic strip artists from the 40’s draw their characters while blindfolded

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